Helicopter Fleet

Business Trips

A helicopter is a good option for:

  • Travelling directly door-to-door, no fuss
  • Travelling a short to medium distance, quickly
  • Carry 1 to 9 passengers per aircraft
  • The weather is occasionally a consideration

The Aircraft Charter Company specialises in UK passenger operations, flying to UK and European destinations.

We have access to a wide range of aircraft, from three passenger-seat piston engine helicopters to executive nine passenger-seat jet turbine aircraft, on a nationwide basis.

In a world of traffic jams, airport check-in queues and rail delays it’s refreshing to find that meeting a hectic schedule has never been easier to achieve, by taking advantage of your local aerodrome, heliport, regional or international airport.

Of course, with a helicopter you have the convenience of collecting guests from non-airfield locations. Simply complete the enquiry form and we will check landing site suitability.

At heliports and airports your guests will be escorted directly to your waiting helicopter, board immediately and be on your way without delay – at a time to suit you.

At international airports your guests will be guided through baggage check and passport control at a private terminal by an executive handling agent and driven directly airside to your waiting helicopter for departure.

It is surprisingly uncomplicated to organise and not as expensive as you might think.

You may organise a one-way trip, a same-day return or return at a later date.

For your convenience below are examples of prices for selected flights
(these are given as guide pricing)

For a quote to your precise requirements, please go to the Enquiry FormEnquiry Button image

All prices are subject to availability and exclude Off-site Landing Fees, Airport Surcharges & VAT (where applicable)

London Airport Helicopter Transfer

Departing or Arriving London Weston Heliport (Battersea)

AirportPriceFlight TimeAircraftMax Pax
London Gatwick£1,85925 minsAS3505
London Heathrow£3,96020 minsAS3555
Oxford, Buckinghamshire£1,65035 minsB206L6
Essex (Stapleford)£1,70520 minsAS3555
London (Denham)£1,00120 minsR443
Hertfordshire (Elstree)£1,27615 minsAS3555
London (Luton)£2,68735 minsAS3555
London (Luton)£2,07320 minsB206L6
London (Stansted)£2,70625 minsAS3555
London (Stansted)£2,09525 minsB206L6
London Hotel Helicopter Transfer

Departing or Arriving London Weston Heliport (Battersea)

HotelPriceFlight TimeAircraftMax Pax
Penny Hill Park, Reading£2,64015 minsA1096
Penny Hill Park£3,77315 minsS769
Nutfield Priory, Surrey£2,64010 minsA1096
Nutfield Priory£3,77310 minsS769
Pendley Manor, Tring£2,64010 minsA1096
Pendley Manor£3,77310 minsS769

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